April 13, 2024

My Name is Scot and I Am New Here

I am bored.

As a result of self-term limiting (more on term limits later) I have recently retired as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives where for the past eight years I served with a white hot passion for getting into the weeds on policy matters. The amount of reading, research, and learning I did over the past eight years on a wide array of subjects took up a huge amount of my time. Time which I now have freed up. The result is that I am now bored but still exist with an itch to contribute to good public policy.

So when I was asked to contribute here, it was a no-brainer.

While I will likely be known best for my work in the areas of elections law and civil asset forfeiture reform, I have worked on a dizzying array of issues. I have authored legislation in the areas of professional licensing reform, property tax liens, voter verifiable voting machines, civil asset forfeiture reform, income tax reform, government transparency and accountability, and even zoning and annexation laws.

I am on the right side of the political spectrum with a strong libertarian streak, but I am probably not as libertarian as you, so I am sorry to disappoint you in advance.

On the personal side, I am a husband and father, an avid outdoorsman, a baseball guy, reigning champ of my Fantasy Football League, and video gamer. My gamer tag is RepScot and my Epic ID is HeyScot.


Former State Representative. Gamertag: RepScot Epic ID: HeyScot

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